Friday, November 30, 2012

The Season of Giving has always been a happy time of year for me! I love giving gifts to people, gifts that have meaning and bring a smile to their face. As a child it always felt better to receive the gift than to give it. Not for my nephews, I am so proud of them!

My oldest nephews Cody and Austin have led their church two times in collecting items for “the least of these” in Guatemala.  The first time they collected shoes for kids in a village and the second time they collected baby supplies for the new baby home. Both times it was their idea and they took the initiative to get their church involved.

Then there are my youngest nephews, Jacob and Andrew. They were saving up their money to buy a new video game. When the opportunity came for them to give a little money to help the baby home get started, they came to their parents, with their little piggy banks and they decided to give ALL their money to the baby home!

During this Season of Giving I am asking you to consider giving a small gift to help get supplies we need for the baby home. We need cribs, window coverings, high chairs, changing tables, diapers, formula, and rocking chairs to just name a few things. This is all stuff that we are required to have to open up the baby home. We can’t do this on our own.

I have a goal to raise $5000 by Christmas! If 1000 people gave $5, that is all it would take! I know there are needs everywhere, including right where you are. That is why I am asking everyone to play a small part and maybe ask 5 of your friends to do the same? In 5 minutes, you can make a donation online or stick it in the mail and help bring the abandoned babies of Guatemala home! Please know that 100% of your donation will go directly to the baby home. Gifts for the baby home are not used to support our family.

For your 5 min donation go to and put baby home in the “designate donation” box. Or you can mail it to:

Catalyst Resources International (Baby Home on memo line)
PO Box 967
% David Greene
West Chester, OH 45071

IF you decide to participate in this tax deductible donation and get other people to do the same, please share your stories with us as it is such an encouragement to us! You can email us at

Here are 5 reasons I ask you to give…….......................................





 If we all give a little, together we can help a lot.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not just holding babies

Well, we got the baby home and are moving forward! A couple weeks ago we stepped foot into the future baby home for the first time. Since then we have been busy! With help of our Guatemalan friends, we have been cleaning and painting and cleaning and cutting down trees and cleaning and slowly purchasing things we need in the house, and working to get hot water (still don't have) and cleaning some more.

It has been a busy couple weeks but I have seen a transformation in this home and in only a couple weeks! It's amazing! I am amazed at how hard these people work and how many countless hours they have willingly put in. What a difference they have made.

One of the projects we did with a few of our friends that were here visiting us was to help carry blocks to the area where our new team house is being built. Just so you know, these block are heavy. These men that work here carry these around like it's no big deal. Me on the other hand, I thought I might die! I was sweating and hurting and had blisters all over my hands.

We had a good process going. Two of them would carry the blocks from the pile in the parking area to the edge of the yard then the rest of us would carry them from the edge of the yard to where they are building. This worked well for a while but then I started realizing that from where I was working, there was no end in sight! I couldn't see the pile of blocks so I had no idea how much progress we were making and when (if ever) we would be done. I needed to know so I offered to switch with someone on the other side. Surely this would be easier for me to know. As soon as I got to the other side, I was so discouraged. The pile we had left was SO big! :(

Isn't that how we are? We always want to see what's on the other side. We want to know the results or when it will end. I think sometimes God allows us to not see because that is what is better for us. I can think of many things that I wouldn't have done if I knew how hard it would be but then in the end, I was glad I did it.
So as we move forward with getting the baby home ready, 2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we live by believing and not by seeing.". We trust His word, His plan and His way.

For those of you that think all we do is hold babies everyday, you now know that is not true. :)
I did manage to get some baby time in and met a sweet little baby boy that is a year old. He was recently taken to an orphanage because his mom tried to sell him to a man and the police found out about it. This sweet little boy stole my heart. His beautiful eye, with long lashes were full of tears and fear. They had taken him to a Dr and said he had worms and was malnourished. I know he will be ok because the lady that runs the orphanage is amazing and she will make sure he is cared for.
But I just don't get it and it continues to break my heart. 2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we live by believing and not by seeing.".

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How quickly we forget

This morning Sean and I went to chapel at the kids school. Every Wednesday they have chapel and then split up by class and gender for discipleship after chapel. Sean leads 9th grade boys and I help lead 7th grade girls. Today the speaker in chapel talked about the bible story where Jesus and his disciples were on a boat and a big storm came up. While the disciples were freaking out Jesus was sleeping. They woke him up in a panic. Jesus calmed the storm and said “Why are you so afraid, where is your faith?”  
The speakers message was about how we go through storms in our life, and sometimes it might feel like God is sleeping but His promise is to never leave us and we have to trust Him.

After chapel and discipleship class my friend Jenn and I decided to go have lunch. While we were sitting in the restaurant eating we noticed that we were having an earthquake. Now this happens often in Guatemala, we have felt 4 in the short time we have been here. We looked around the restaurant and noticed other people looking around too. The earth quake kept going and started to get progressively worse. As we looked around, we started to notice fear on everyone’s faces. As it continued to get worse and we heard dishes breaking on the floor, a panic filled the room. People started diving under tables and running out of the restaurant. My friend grabbed my hand and we ran out as fast as we could while the ground was still shaking.

I wish that I could tell you I felt complete peace and completely trusted God in this moment. But that is not true. As soon as the earth quake finished, I was so scared. I was scared to go back in the restaurant, I was shaking terribly and couldn’t even eat my lunch. I sat in the chair worrying about whether or not it would happen again, and what if it was worse this time? Was my family ok? Were they scared?
Just 1 hour before this 7.5 earthquake, we had just heard a message, that when everything was ok, made me feel safe and strong, like I could conquer the world with Jesus by my side. Why is it that when we are in the storm, it is so easy to lose sight of that?

Today everyone woke up after another presidential election. Some people are very happy with the results and others are feeling discouraged and maybe even fearful. For some people, this could feel like a storm. If we can stay focused on the big picture and remember that we serve a God that is a rock for us and will never leave or forsake us,  that should bring us peace and comfort.

Tonight I pray that when I am in the storm, I will stand strong and trust His word. I pray that all the people affected by this particular storm and all the storms in the world right now, will find peace in Him.