Friday, March 23, 2012

I am ready!

We finally bought our tickets. It is official! We leave June 24th for the beginning of a new journey. If you would have told me 10 years ago I was going to move my family to Guatemala to do orphan ministry, I would have laughed so hard and insisted that you don't know me very well and I would never do that!

I am the girl that could not spend the night at a friends house because I would get homesick. I couldn't stay with my grandparents for any length of time, as much as I wanted to. I had a hard time moving out of my parents house when I got married!! I would have never even thought about moving further then 15 minutes from my family let alone to another country! I needed to feel safe and for me safety was with my family.

Something happened....... God happened! Over time, I started to realize everything I learned in church as a child was real! We really did have a God that loved us so much and would never leave us! It was through all of the hard things I went through in my life, that I really saw and felt this. When I needed Him most, He was always there. He even used those hard times to shape me and help me grow. This is all stuff I had heard but needed to experience.

 I decided that I wanted to be in His will, everyday and in everything I do. This was a decision that would forever change the way I was going to live my life.  Besides, there is no safer place to be then in the will of God! For someone who needs to feel safe, this is very important. God has brought me a long way.

I am ready for this! I am ready to move to Guatemala and to wake up every single day and ask God to put me where He wants me that day. I am ready for God to use me in a way that He can be glorified. I am ready for us to experience the hard times together as a family and to grow from them together with God! I am ready!!