Monday, September 17, 2012

Our hearts have been touched

Living at the current Mimi's House has given us the opportunity to get to know and grow to love the girls that call Mimi's House their home.

Here they are! All with different stories, different personalities, different gifts and one thing in common...... They are all given a chance here at Mimi's House! A chance to go to school, a chance to become who they want to be! A chance to learn about the
unconditional love of our Heavenly Father.

When asked, the girls will tell you how much they love living at Mimi's House!  I asked what they like best about living here......................................

 Lesly said " the Greene Family because they are very kind & loving."

Deanna said "I like that they help me go to school"

Paola said, "they send me to school and provide me food and everything I need to survive".

Cesia said, "I like to live here because there is a lot of room to play basketball or soccer and Paula and Fontaine are very kind"

Cynthia said, "they help me go to school"

These beautiful girls have dreams of what they want to do when they are done with school!

Lupe wants to go to college in the US and become a teacher

Jullisa has been going to art school and has been encouraged to continue to keep painting.


Evelia wants to be a lawyer

The reality is without Mimi's House and without their sponsors these dreams would most likely remain a dream but now they have hope!

 I love that we serve a God that loves all of these girls SO much, that He used this family to help write their story. I love that this family saw a need and stepped out in obedience. I love that each of these girls has a sponsor in the states that is also allowing God to use them through their sponsorship donations.