Thursday, June 13, 2013

“I am glad I am part of this family”

A few days ago our family was talking about some friends that are just starting the adoption process. Aubryella looked at me and said, “I am glad I am part of this family”, with a smile from ear to ear. Our sweet 6 year old daughter gets it! After a year of working with kids in an orphanage who are longing to have a family that loves them and will care for them, she is happy to have her forever family.

As we head back home to Colorado in a couple weeks, our ministry in Guatemala is not ending. Though we will no longer be living there, we will continue to support Pastor Araceli’s ministries with the Children’s home, Elderly home and Feeding center. We will also continue to support Lilly’s baby home and home for teenage Mom’s who want a chance to keep their baby. Both of these ministries are where we spent most of our year in Guatemala and have grown to love them and the difference they are making!
The orphan dilemma is everywhere around us. In the US there are over 400,000 kids in the foster care system and over 100,000 kids available for adoption. It doesn’t matter where you live, there are kids that didn’t choose to be without parents and deserve to be loved and cared for. It isn’t always easy to be a foster parent or an adoptive parent but both are much needed. What if those of us who aren’t in a position to adopt or be foster parents could support those who are?

I have journeyed with my parents this last year (from afar) who have been foster parents to 3 kids. If you would have told them 2 years ago that they would be foster parents, they would have laughed (especially my Dad) and said you were crazy! But there was a need and they had hearts that said, yes, we will help.  What I noticed most was the need for my parents to have a strong support system around them.  They raised three kids of their own (many years ago) but they could not have done this past year without the support of many people.

  Moving back home will not stop us from fighting for kids who deserve a family. I have decided to partner with a Non-Profit organization called Finally Home Foundation (FHF).  Their Mission is: Equipping communities to rally around the heroes who are foster and adoptive families.  Not everyone is able to be Foster Parents or Adoptive Parents but everyone is able to offer a hand to those who are.

For those of you who have supported us or would like to support us, I invite you to jump on board with the Cherry Family and Finally home foundation to start helping care for orphans/children in the US. If you would like to make a donation you can got to (in the Comments note “Cherry Family” ) or you can contact us at to find out the many ways you can be involved in your area.

If you would like to continue supporting Pastor Araceli and all her ministries, please contact me at or you can go to and sign up to sponsor a child or make a donation

If you would like to continue supporting Lilly’s Baby Home and her ministries, please go to  and put GT0204000 in the field that says "Reference Number".

As Father’s Day approaches, I invite you to join us in praying for all the kids who are missing a father in their lives and that they may come to know their Heavenly Father.