Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The journey continues

I can not believe I haven't updated this blog since July of 2009 yet the title remains "Complete Through Christ, The Journey to Guatemala!" The journey started 5 years ago when God blessed us with our amazing daughter! This was the beginning of a life style God had planned for us....

Shortly after bringing Aubryella home, I began to question things..... what if we wouldn't have adopted her? where would she be? Who would comfort our baby girl at nights when she cried? Who would sing her songs and make sure she ate when she was hungry? Who would tell her about our AMAZING Savior Jesus Christ, that loves us more than we can even imagine? Would anyone have done all of this for?
Those questions then turned into....... Well what about all the other orphans out there? Who will do all of this for them? I can't imagine a child without a mommy and a daddy to do all of these things.

This all started to weigh really heavy on my heart. At first I couldn't tell anyone because I though I was crazy for these overwhelming feelings I was having. So I prayed, "God please take these feelings of sadness away from me. Help me make it through today without thinking about the other orphans around the world. Help me to just focus on my three amazing girls that you have blessed me with and not to think about the millions of kids around the world that are without moms and dads. Amen"
This didn't work! This burden was growing stronger, it was keeping me up at night and distracted during the day. I had to tell Sean because we had two options, 1. we could adopt 100 more kids OR 2. we needed to start praying as a couple for God to lead us to His will or to take this burden away from me! Sean chose option 2!

After 3 1/2 years of prayer, tears, ideas that failed ( I had a lot of them), more prayer, more tears, late night talks, more prayer..... God opened a door. Not a moment too soon because I think Sean had about had it with all my crazy ideas :)

I met with my amazing friend Kari Stewart (at the time I didn't know her) for coffee. I shared with Kari what had been going on over the last few years. I cried and laughed and she understood it all. When we were done talking, she said to me that her and the new Missions Pastor had been praying for someone to lead Global Orphan ministry at Timberline and she wanted Sean and I to pray about that.

This is where the next chapter started! We prayed about it and a week later stepped into the position. After many trips to Haiti and a couple to Guatemala, we really got to see our family work together for the kingdom and thrive in an environment that was new to us.
The next adventure we are about to embark on is moving to Guatemala for a year! After much prayer and thought we feel like this is a good time in our life where we can step out in Faith. We are very excited not only to be His hands and feet but to also see how we will grow as a family!

So here we go....... the journey to Guatemala continues!!