Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coming to an end..... A word from the family

"Our one year journey in Guatemala has been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have learned to not take anything for granted and to always trust in Jesus, because a lot of the people who live in Guatemala have nothing and they rely on Jesus for everything.

Unfortunately, our one year journey has come to an end, and we will be coming home to Colorado this June. It is going to very hard for me to leave the people who we help, and also my other missionary friends who all have made a big impact on my heart. I know that God has a plan for me and right now I’m kind of wondering where He is going with it, but I will keep strong in my faith in Him and try to believe that this is best for me."


What has been your favorite part of living in Guatemala? “Going to the village and seeing what the houses look like in Guatemala?”
How does that make you feel? “It’s sad, because they only have that small house”
Are you excited to move back home? “YES! Very much!”
Why? “Because I want to go see our family and our cousins”
What can we do to live for God after we go back home? “We can sponsor kids from the orphanage, I love those kids from the orphanage, they are fun to play with too”
Are you glad we lived here for a year? “Yea”
Why? “cause I like Guatemala, it’s pretty”

Two more weeks in Guatemala! It seems impossible that we have almost been here for a year. As we begin to wrap things up over these next two weeks, we will have a lot of ‘lasts’. Wednesday morning, Sean and I will meet with our discipleship kids for the last time. Wednesday night, we will gather with youth group for the last time. Sunday, we will say good bye to the children and staff from Jesucristo es mi Casa.Tuesday we say goodbye to all the beautiful girls from Mimi's House. All of these people have impacted our lives significantly and these lasts/goodbyes will be very hard for us.

We don’t know what to expect with the transition back to Colorado but we are excited to see how we will serve Him next. I am so thankful for this year we had together as a family to grow, serve and learn.


We came, we loved and were loved in return. We taught a little and learned so much in return.  We’ve been touched by friends who will always remain a little part of us. 

I thank God for the opportunity He has given our family to see His wider Church. I’m thankful for the Body of Christ back home that has so faithfully and generously supported us in prayer and financial gifts.   I’m proud of my three daughters and wife who have loved with abandon and grown through the challenges of living  and serving in another country.

We will forever be indebted to our Guatemalan friends who opened their lives to us and made us feel at home.  We will miss our weekly  Discipleship with students at the missionary school, and especially Youth Group we were privileged to lead on Wednesday nights.  I have no doubt we will see many of these people again, but even “see you laters” to someone you care about can be as tough as a whole lot of goodbyes.   We don’t know all the details of our return to Colorado, but we come with anticipation and a comfort in knowing the One who has good plans laid out before us.


Living in Guatemala has been an experience like no other. It has helped me learn that I have way more stuff than I actually need. It has helped me realize to take advantage of the fact that I am able to go to school and that I have a room to clean. A lot of the kids we work with don't have the opportunity to go get an education and none of them have a room to themselves.

This year I have also learned to thank God for everything, especially the little things.  I have been inspired to have an even stronger faith. I have made so many great relationships, not only with kids from my school, but also kids from an orphanage. They have all impacted my life so much, more then I could have imagined.

Although I am beyond excited to go home and to see my family and friends, it's going to be hard leaving. Especially these next couple weeks, when I have to say goodbye to everyone. This year has been incredible and if I could I would definitely do it all over!