Monday, October 15, 2012

Please pray for this little girl

Today we have heavy eyes, but even heavier hearts. Last night a little girl, 2 1/2 years old was dropped off at Mimi's House. Not for a couple hours, for the rest of her life. Her Mom did not want to care for her anymore. Within a matter of 30 minutes this little girls world was turned upside down.

As we all tried hard to distract her, nothing worked. She continued to cry for "Mama" and point in the direction where she knew she had last seen her Mom. Words can not even describe this moment. The fear in her eyes was indescribable. Eventually she gave up the fight, buried herself in my chest and fell asleep.

As I layed in bed with her, I could not fall asleep. I was so sad for this little precious girl. I tried to come up with every reason in my mind why this happens. Nothing made sense to me. As I began to pray for her and her mother, I started to think about the message we had just heard at Church an hour before she arrived here. We had been going through a series called "When God?" by Andy Stanley for the last three weeks. He tells the story of Lazaras, a man Jesus said was the greatest who ever lived. And yet, even this man struggled with God's inattentiveness.  But the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead offers a picture of hope in the midst of a hopeless situation. If we continue to trust God through our pain or lack of understanding, he will eventually show His glory.

Today, I have seen His glory! As I played a small part in helping this sweet little girl adjust last night, I knew that my role moving forward would be different. As much as I would LOVE to be the person to fill the void in this lovable girls life, I know that I can not commit to being here with her the rest of her life.  But God has given me a front row seat to see an awesome ministry with BEAUTIFUL people who have stepped up for this girl in such a short time with short notice.
 They took her to the Doctor today and determined she was pretty sick with an ear infection, throat infection a fever and a bad cough. She started her medicine and is a different girl this afternoon! They have played with her, hugged her and made her smile.

She was not safe where she was but by the Glory of God, She is safe and with her forever family at Mimi's House!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back on track

I haven’t written a blog post for a couple weeks because I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want everyone to know that I was having second thoughts. Second thoughts about why we sold everything and why we moved our family here. I was having second thoughts about helping start this baby home. I kept asking myself “what was I thinking? Who am I to think we could get enough money to help start a baby home? We are not good at fundraising, or asking for money. Why in the world did I think this was a good idea? Surely this all wasn’t from God, right?" This is what the last couple of weeks has consisted of for me.

Then Mimi’s House gets a call, a call from some friends that go to church  here with us.  They know someone, who knows someone, who has a baby boy that is 1 ½ months and his very young mother with a very sad story cannot care for him and there is nowhere to take him, can he come to Mimi’s House?

Baby Sam!

 It all stopped for a moment and became clear to me again……….. I am here for a reason, it was God that gave us the strength to sell everything and leave everyone and everything we know to come here. We could not have done that on our own.  I was right, we can’t do this baby home, without Him but he didn’t ask us to do it alone! He will bring the babies, funding and all the supplies we need. We just have to listen to Him and allow Him to use us.

I got so caught up in the circumstances around me the past two weeks. Aubryella, (our 5 year old) has been crying at school almost every day and struggling with some anxiety and fear.  I allowed my insecurities/fears about asking people to support the baby home financially overcome me. I got scared and I lost focus.

I choose today to get back on the path that God intended me to be on. I know that God is with Aubryella through everything she is going through right now. I know He is growing her through all of this and she will be stronger because of it. I also know that I am not asking for financial support for me, I am asking for support for Samuel and all the other babies like him that God will bring to Mimi’s House. I know that God does not always send the equipped; He equips the one He sends. Today I will find peace in that!

Please pray that we can stay focused here and continue to move in His will!

Please also pray about being a sponsor for the baby home. We need your help!